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Saturday, May 30, 2009


You are my provider. Your grace is sufficient. You will supply all my needs.

Just musing around on a lovely Saturday morning

What a beautiful day! I was outside first thing this morning (the dog must be let out) and the air felt so vibrant! All the colors seemed to leap into my eyes, and rather than squinting, I was forced to keep them wide open to take it all in. Yes, the wind is blowing (I do live in Iowa, after all), but it is still such a beautiful day to be. Just be.

Have I posted pictures of our sweet dog? I don't think so! He has nuzzled his way into our hearts, and just loves our company, yet is content to hang out in his kennel when we're not here. He will be spoiled over the summer, as most of his daytime will be spent roaming around the house, rather than his kennel. The kids love him! And, get this, in Thursday's mail, Mark received a package from the humane society--inside was a T-shirt declaring that he is a member of the "Black Pet Club." On the back it lists 10 reasons why you should own a black pet--the last one is that for no good reason, more black pets are euthanized each year than any other color. I did not know that, did you? So if you're the owner of a black pet like I am, be proud that you are saving a life!

So now that it is nearly June, and I wasn't finished with April yet, I'm wishing you an awesome summer, and am hopeful for the same for our family. In the fall, Peter will be adjusting to high school, Hannah will be a Junior (which for some reason, sounds a LOT older than Sophomore--plus she'll be allowed to be driving solo, which will be something of a blessing when she can take a vehicle and go where she needs to go rather than being brought!), and Leah as a 6th grader will be our only child in elementary school. It wasn't that long ago when we had three there. Time does fly, but I love the moment we are in.

God is good. All the time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My graduate

Dear Peter,

It is so hard to believe that you are ready to graduate. I can hardly imagine that it has already been 9 years since I first sent you off to school, bright eyed and full of wonder and ready for the adventure of kindergarten.

And what an adventure it was--I believe that was the year that you brought home an already dead frog, tucked carefully in your pocket to check out later. ONly you didn't get to it, and I ended up washing and drying it instead--it did not survive that ride either. I thought it had been alive before the cleansing ordeal, but you disappointedly assured me that it had been previously flattened on the pavement and you had just wanted to check it out more. Since then, I've been gingerly checking your pockets before I do laundry.

You are growing into a young man who is still bright eyed and full of wonder--your mind amazes me. The things you think and share with us often make me lift my eyes to heaven and thank Father that He has you in His hand. Never never forget that. Keep living for Him (whether you're doing science, tearing into something to figure out how it works, or caring for a friend who is injured instead of running a race). Yes, sometimes things you do disappoint me, but I am always proud of you, and want you to be your best--not for me, but for God.

A lot of people have helped you along your way. I am grateful for them, whether they were teaching you, baby sitting you, playing with you, or praying for you.

You have taught me a lot about life through the years. Be patient with me, I'm still learning, too.

I love you, bud!


Monday, May 11, 2009

A day at the spa

I was treated to a spa day yesterday. Turns out my kids are pretty good at pampering their mom. I was pretty wiped out when I got home from church yesterday, so I took a nap. When I woke up, my kids had prepared a foot soak, had "massagers" at the ready, as well as lotions and nail polishes. So for over an hour after I woke up, I was treated to a manicure, pedicure, back & neck massage, and a scalp massage. It was great! Thanks, kids!