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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just thoughts

Thought #1--April 1 & 2 are going to come, FAST...that will be the performance dates for Leah's Jr. High musical, Beauty & the Beast--she was cast as Belle.
Thought #2--May 26 is going to come even faster...that's the day that Hannah graduates high school. A lot needs to happen with her decisions about post-high education.
Thought #3--Peter is an amazing artist. I am eager to see his completed drawing of a snow tiger. The eyes are already incredible.
Thought #4--the Cherokee Playground fund is growing slower that I'd hoped. But we will continue to beat the drum of the cause and the need for new safer equipment for the Mental Health Institute. Monday evening (27th) is a Tip Night at the Sioux Center Pizza Ranch...join us!
Thought #5--I really don't care to go to work today, I would rather stay home & enjoy the company of family and friends.
There it is. Just thoughts.
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