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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Money matters

Ugh...money junk...I hate it. And it seems that since Mark became employed that things have been worse than ever! Our shortage is definately a test of my faith...it's embarassing to have your debit card denied at the grocery store for the 4 or so things you need (poor Mark, he ended up using his birthday money to pay for it), and I've been telling the kids that the $50 of groceries that I purchased yesterday has to last us until next week. Thankfully I know how to stretch a budget and a meal, but I still hate it.
Lord, you know my needs and the needs of those around me, help me to see those needs as well as my own, don't let Satan trip me up and keep me focused on myself!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little jealous...

Yeah, you read that right, I'm a little jealous. Of my daughter. As I sit here, I'm thinking about Hannah who is anticipating a youth trip to Anchorage, Alaska with Rise on the Road later on this summer. Yes, I have been to Alaska before, but not in this capacity.
I'm also jealous of my friend Janelle, who recently returned from a "mission" trip to Tijuana.
I'm even jealous of my friend Jennifer, who went on an Urban Plunge in Omaha!
I mentioned to my pastor once not long ago that I want to go to Africa to visit an orphanage that is blessing our church--yes, you read that right, an orphanage in Africa is blessing my church in Iowa.
So there you have it, I want to go on a trip--but not on a trip for my relaxation, I want to go on a trip to gain perspective.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Puzzling, still, again

Okay, so I'll spare you the picture of our puzzle progress this time, but there is some progress being made, it's just the tedious, try-each-piece-in-each-spot-until-one-fits kind of progress. So the other day, i was doing just that, searching in particular for one piece that would fill this one piece hole. It was kind of a unique shape, but it still took me a while to find it. When I finally did, it didn't fit right. Now I was as puzzled (pardon the pun) by this as I can imagine you are right now--it was the right piece, after all. But as I was trying to place it in its spot, I realized that the piece next to it was in the incorrect spot, though you couldn't tell by looking. The incorrect piece looked like it belonged where it had been, but the new piece wouldn't fit with it there. So obviously I removed the piece--it will have its correct place somewhere else in the puzzle.
I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about the grander scheme of life from my little adventure... I've drawn several of my own!
Bottom line, God is good, all the time, whether he's fitting things together for you or removing a piece of your life that seemed to fit to make room for something else, trust his master plan.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here's to fresh starts

Once again, I find myself reminding myself that my completeness doesn't come from what people think of me--it comes from my Father, my Savior, my friend. Go away, Satan, and stop trying to make me believe that my worth is summed up in how others perceive me or treat me! Take that!