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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


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Yesterday while singing Gungor's song "Beautiful Things" I was struck by something.

The song's lyrics were placed over a series of photographs of a potter working at a wheel. The photos were all close-up pictures showing just the hands of the artist and the mass of clay being worked on. As I watched the pictures and sang the words, I noticed the hands of the potter.

They. Were. Filthy.

And there were a lot of pictures where it was nearly impossible to distinguish which was the pot, which was the excess clay, which was the hands of the potter, and sometimes where the wheel started.

Does the potter mind that it is so messy? No, because a potter knows that the mess is necessary to achieve the the final product. Whether the piece will end up in a museum, a showroom, or just in someone's cupboard, the mess is part of the process.

And when the pot is "finished," the potter steps back, wipes off the clay that got everywhere on him (if you've ever watched a pot being thrown, you know the clay gets on more than just the potter's hands), then goes and washes away whatever is left. The potter is clean again, and the creation is there, beautiful, ready for its intended use. The excess is taken away as the potter masterfully works to create what is intended.

It got me to thinking. God is right there in the middle of the mess. In the middle of MY mess. And He's getting messy right along with me.

Is the process painful? Yes, but all during the process His loving hands are surrounding me, keeping what I need and stripping away what I don't. And much of the time, I hope, where I stop and He starts is indistinguishable.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A nod to my creative & practical side

I've long been a fan of using a bag of rice heated in the microwave as a heating pad for whatever aches and pains one might have. The beauty of luscious heat on whatever random pain I may have and the ability to fall asleep with the "heating pad" on, because it isn't electrical to begin with!

So, recently I came upon a genius idea for making these little bags for practically FREE! And virtually no sewing either!

You know how sheets & pillowcases are starting to come in their own little storage sacks? I don't know about you, but for the life of me I can't refold the sheets small enough to fit them back into that bag for storage, but neither can I force myself to throw away such a handy little bag! (Are you starting to see where I'm going with this?) One use I've found for them is using them as a in-machine laundry bag for my delicates, the drawstring feature makes them perfect for this!

Now, on to the rice bag. First, turn the bag inside-out. This will ensure you have a lovely finished exterior when your rice pack is complete.

Now, fill the inside-out bag with 1 pound of regular old white rice.

Next, measuring approximately 1/2 way up on the filled bag, sew a straight seam across the width of the bag, sealing the rice in the bottom of the bag.

Now, turn the drawstring half of the bag over the rice filled end of the bag and cinch up the drawstring.

Voila! Now heat your little wonder of a bag for about 1-1/2 minutes on High in your microwave, place on the achy-sore spot, and relax! You won't fall asleep with a electrical heating pad threatening to catch on fire if  you use it while you sleep!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

My handsome hubby...

Mark's sister, Karen, her husband, Craig, and their kiddos, (l-r) Mel, Nathan & Kelly

Seeing Hannah for the first time for the DAY...

Pastor Aaron Baart's message was beautiful.

Wedding party

Leaving through sparklers!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A few wedding pictures...for now...

Our cake decorator took these pictures and graciously shared them with me...  A bit of an explanation about  the characters on the cake, they are "nods" to our sweet ring bearer and flower girl

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Just over a week ago I had the opportunity to spend 8 hours in solitude driving to my parents house to help my mom out after hip replacement surgery.

Funny thing about being alone with your thoughts, sometimes you get some pretty big revelations.

I think I did just that.

Have you ever thought about the origin of the question "Why?" It was what was on my mind during part of my drive. I sort of came to the conclusion that without sin we wouldn't have the question "Why?" because life without sin is a life of perfect trust and obedience.

Think about it. If the serpent had never asked Eve "Why?" we would never have reason to ask it! Now, am I condemning everyone who ever says "Why?" Certainly not! But I know when I ask "Why?" of God, eventually I have to get around confessing the sin of arrogance that I actually deserve to know the answer to "Why?"

I hear people say a lot (and I've said it, too) that when I get to Heaven, I have a lot of questions for God about why... and you fill in the blank. But I wonder if we'll even be able to utter the word? Because isn't that where it all started? Questioning God's wisdom on the subject of knowledge of good & evil?

What do you think? Why?

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