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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Just over a week ago I had the opportunity to spend 8 hours in solitude driving to my parents house to help my mom out after hip replacement surgery.

Funny thing about being alone with your thoughts, sometimes you get some pretty big revelations.

I think I did just that.

Have you ever thought about the origin of the question "Why?" It was what was on my mind during part of my drive. I sort of came to the conclusion that without sin we wouldn't have the question "Why?" because life without sin is a life of perfect trust and obedience.

Think about it. If the serpent had never asked Eve "Why?" we would never have reason to ask it! Now, am I condemning everyone who ever says "Why?" Certainly not! But I know when I ask "Why?" of God, eventually I have to get around confessing the sin of arrogance that I actually deserve to know the answer to "Why?"

I hear people say a lot (and I've said it, too) that when I get to Heaven, I have a lot of questions for God about why... and you fill in the blank. But I wonder if we'll even be able to utter the word? Because isn't that where it all started? Questioning God's wisdom on the subject of knowledge of good & evil?

What do you think? Why?

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Playground fund, paid forward...

So here's what just over $2700 bought. We had in mind something much larger, but all in all this is a huge improvement, as you can still see some of the old equipment in the background of one of these. God is good.
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